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languagesWelcome to the learning a language website, designed to offer the most comprehensive advice and information about leading language learning software. Please use the site to find information and resources for language learning, the products available, information on the companies who develop the software and recommended places to buy the software.

Features include:

·750 hours of learning.
·  Speech solar panel recognition.
·  Videos and interactive dialogues.
·  A modern and ergonomic interface.
·  Create your own audio CDs!
·  TELC lessons path in order to prepare for the European Union Levels.
·  Headset Included.

Language schools provide a practical and successful curriculum in the teaching of Arabic Language as a foreign language. Hundreds of students have benefited from the business jet charter courses on offer and many have successfully continued in higher studies abroad.

Before joining J-Translation, Satomi worked as a school teacher in Japan.  In 2003 Satomi moved to the UK and has been working for Colleges and Schools in London. At J-Translation, Satomi has been tutoring business executives in preparation for dealing with Japanese clients and deployment to Japan.  She also teaches school pupils in preparation for their GCSE and A-Levels.  Other roles include providing vocational training for trainee-Japanese teachers and exam facilitator.  Satomi has a Bachelor's in Japanese Literature and Education from Tokyo University of Liberal Arts.

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